Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Gullen Cove

       The coastal air whistled through the trees as the three walked along the bluff. The sun was barely over the horizon when they reached the outskirts Gullen Cove. The bluff hung several feet over the docks where three ships were stationed, men running too and from their perspective boats with supplies and shipments for the upcoming months at sea. Calder could see Gordon plodding around his ship, Captured Glory, keeping it ever ready for a voyage on a moments notice. "Ahoy Captain!" Calder roared leaping from the bluff and landing in the ship's crows nest with a resounding thump. "Ha ha ha," Gordon bellowed "good to see you my boy! I was told you'd be coming. Your mother's hawk, Cross-wind carried word mere hours ago." Calder repelled down the mast ropes and joined the swarthy man on the deck embracing one of the man's massive trunk-like arms and shook vigorously. "Yann and I have been making preparations for our trip at sun fall," Gordon said patting Calder on the shoulder, "we are ready to set sail and are only waiting for the evening." "You are prepared as always Gordon," Calder gleamed as Yann emerged from the lower levels, bending slightly to fit under the doorway. Calder sprang forward like an animal toward the mountain that was Yann, who caught one of his arms and twirled him around in a circle. "Heheh, I got you this time Calder," Yann chuckled raising him up to eye level. "You've gotten much quicker Yann!" Calder said swinging free landing lightly on the deck of the ship, "it's good to see you. It has been too long." "It has my friend, but we are here now and no time is better to have," Yann said, his voice booming naturally.
       "Hello everyone," Monique called fluttering down to the docks, wings lightly flapping in an even descent, Cassandra breezing along with her, a spell slowing Cassandra's jump as she came softly down with a soundless step on the edge on the dock near the boat. "Ah, the rest of our company," Gordon cheered turning two the two young angels. "Cassandra! The last time I saw you, you were but a mere babe clinging to your mother's side. Oh how you've grown." Cassandra and Monique walked carefully up the ramp to the boat taking in its worked yet majestic and sturdy appearance. "Thank you for the transport, captain," Monique said shaking Gordon's hand with a slight tact. "Oh now lass," Gordon bowled lightheartedly, "please call me Gordon like the kids do. I am only a captain while in the midst of merchants or business, and I was all too happy to help the boy and his companions reach the island. Now please leave your bags with us for we don't set sail for a number of hours, in the meantime you should buy anything you may need from the market in town. They have many oddities and items not found in the inner lands." "Thank you Gordon," Cassandra said hugging the stone pillar that was the sailor.
       Cassandra could remember, if vaguely, the times she had seen Gordon. He seemed as large and opposing as he always had been, although he had always been with a small group of other sailors who worked on the same boat. Morda was the capital and the largest closest city to the coast so many transports came through the city and each time Gordon had stopped at the church to see Mother Tanya who had recognized him as a pure soul, and Gordon knew it was best to ask her news of the town and the others that were connected to it because the two had a mutual trust. Mother Tanya could always count on Gordon for safe passage and shipment of anything or anyone that required the assistance of a merchant boat. Even though Gordon wasn't as strong as the angel, but felt he was strong enough to do what he needed, on a few occasions the two had defended the city of roaming bandits or outlaws who were ignorant to the presence of an angel in the city.
       "Yann, our preparations are ready and feel free to join them for the time," Gordon said patting him on the shoulder. "You have plenty of time to visit with your friends, but otherwise everyone relax and I will call you when it is time."

Monday, June 11, 2012

9 Out For Blood

      "Now tell me where they were headed you fool or face the same fate as the others," Snarled Gasta holding an elder villager up by the leg. The village that Calder and Cassandra had been in only days before was now in ruins, the brother werewolves had slaughtered the entire village in search of the two. The buildings around them now lay in ruins, bodies strewn about from the panic of the attack, a pile of bodies formed during the interrogation. The blood of the villagers coated the already vile beasts. Erikson stood nearby, the audible crunch of a severed leg shaking the last villager. "They are headed toward Morda," the old man cried, "please spare me. I beg you!" "Oh, don't worry. We have the information we seek, we no longer have need for you anymore." Gasta said lifting him up to eye level. Erikson pierced the old man through the spine killing him instantly. "We have what we need brother," Gasta said tossing the old man on a pile of bodies, "we've had or fill now let us go. We have prey to catch." They howled in unison and sped off down the road.--

       "Be well young ones, I hope the sage will be able to help you Calder," Mother Tanya said hugging each of them goodbye. "We will mother," Calder said smiling and rubbing his freshly cut hair. "We will be back as soon as we can mommie," Cassandra said hanging from Tanya. "Thank you for all you've taught me Mother Tanya, I wish to return to your service when we have finished our journey," Monique said hugging her goodbye. With that the three set out toward the outskirts of the large capital city leaving Mother Tanya standing there smiling at the young ones. "I have high hopes for the three of them," Mother Tanya said closing the door to the church a walking into town. She spent the day visiting with villagers, comforting, healing, and bringing happiness to all she encountered.
       Joyful feelings were soon replaced with screams of terror as villagers and guards rushed toward a home where the two werewolves stood on the roof holding up a man and a woman. "Where is the crimson headed traveler and his younger companion!" Gasta said throwing the woman into the crowd, "we are here for them and will cause no trouble if you hand them over now." Whispers of the villagers soon filled the area. "Get her to the church!" Mother Tanya said to a group of guards, "I'll deal with these beasts. I don't know who you are but you will not have the travelers!" "Well what do we have here?" Gasta snarled leaping from the roof, landing in front of Mother Tanya, "a single brave soul in the face of death. It seems as though we will have to teach this pitiful cleric a lesson." Mother Tanya placed her hands together and closed her eyes. "Praying won't help you now fool," Gasta laughed raising his paw to strike. Before he could strike Mother Tanya opened her now glowing eyes and placed her hand on his chest and propelled him into the wall of the city. "Brother!" Erikson roared dropping the man and charging toward Mother Tanya, "you will pay woman!" He swung at Mother Tanya who batted away the attack with a flick of her wrist, binding the arm in light. "You poor creatures, what has happened to your lonely souls," Mother Tanya said walking toward Erikson who was in a panic trying to free himself from his glowing binds, "I will free you from your torment and return you to our Father." She placed her hands on Erikson's head who howled in pain. Slowly he began to turn into a human. He was a frail man with long curly black hair. His dark eyes cried as he fell to the floor, "for so long I have lived in that form, a savage beast," the man said, "thank you." He drifted away, his body to weak to continue.
       "Now you, tell your master that if he so much as scratches those two that he will have the full force of heaven upon him," Mother Tanya said glaring at Gasta who was only now getting to his feet. "You will pay for this," Gasta said as he leaped from the town and over the wall.

Monday, April 2, 2012

8 Unseen Threats

Mother Tanya and Cassandra returned to the church with joyful conversation, Cassandra seeming more vibrant and healthy than she had in a while. They had two small bundles with an eclectic assortment of items and supplies that they set with the provisions Calder had already set aside in the resting room in the back area of the church that were sometimes used for travelers and others making religious pilgrimages that did not have enough money for an inn. Calder had finished the chores Mother Tanya had asked for him and was now playing with children in the grassy area next to the church running around with a small child on his shoulders the two of them growling like a two headed monster, the other children screaming and giggling as they fled from the monster. "I haven't seen him this joyful in a while," Cassandra said smiling as she and Mother Tanya watched Calder play with the children from a window inside the church. "It reminds me of when he was a boy," Mother Tanya gleamed, "so cheerful and friendly with the other children. It may have been difficult to leave Paradise, but it was right for him."
A small while passed with each of the children eventually shuffling off to their homes leaving Calder alone under a tree watching the city around him. "You should get some rest. You will be leaving early tomorrow morning." "Thank you mother," Cassandra said hugging her and turning toward the back of the church. "You three be careful. I do not want any of you to be injured or worse," Mother Tanya pleaded smiling at her child. "We will mother," Cassandra replied, "Calder will be there to protect us." "I hope it will not have to come to that," Mother Tanya whispered to herself.


"You have failed me Erikson!" boomed a dark figure his glowing eyes glaring at Erikson, "It shall not happen again, or else!" "I'm sorry master," Erikson whimpered averting his gaze, the wound he received from Calder gleaming from the light from the fire pits that lined the lair, corpses of various under-worldly creatures hanging above. "Gasta! You and your brother find Calder and bring him to me. The bounty on his head will bring us get power and riches. Do not fail me." "As you wish Master," Gasta howled bowing to him.The Dark Figure disappeared into the shadows leaving the two werewolves alone. "Come brother we have much to do and little time to do it," Gasta growled lowering to all fours and running off, Erikson tailing behind.


"Calder, be careful. The dangers you are sure to face will be perilous," Mother Tanya said embracing Calder. "Thank you mother, I will not let Cassandra or Monique come to harm," Calder assured. "I will be watching over you even if i cannot always be there to help you," Mother Tanya said kissing Calder on the forehead, "now be off, you have a long journey ahead of you and you must be prepared for anything."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 Preparation

"Anyway I think you should visit the Dark Mage," Tanya said, "and Monique can accompany you there. She's a good companion and is a good fighter. You'll need to head west of here to get Starow port and sail to his island. Do you remember where it is?"
"How could I not mother; i shall appear by moons first sight, stare into dark to see my light, guided only by the glow so bright," Calder recalled, "when do you want to leave Monique?" "Tomorrow morning," she sugested, "I will have my supplise ready tonight though."
"Sounds good, I'll help if you need me to do anything," Calder said glancing over at Cassandra. "Do you think we will need anything from the market before we leave tomorrow?"
"I'm going to go check and if i see anything that I think we will need i will," she said sipping at a cup of tea, "but otherwise I can't think of anything we need at the moment." I'll go with you dear," Mother Tanya said throwing her cloak around her following Cassandra out the door, "we will be back later tonight. And Monique don't worry about cooking anything tonight, Cassandra has chosen to do so." The door creaked as it closed behind them leaving an emptiness in the church. Monique departed without word leaving Calder to start his repairs. His first task was the creaky door which used nearly half a tin of oil. An hour past and he headed up to the bell tower where he found Monique sitting on the wall staring over the city.
"The view is nice isn't it?" Calder said leaning over the wall.
"Yes it is," she said smiling, "I spend every second i can up here just looking at the city and its people. So if all angels have light colored hair, then why is yours crimson red?"
"My father is a demon," he said glancing up at the crimson mop on top of his head. "I was never allowed to converse with the other younglings so my mother permanently left 'paradise' and raised me here. Besides my sister and my mother you are the only pure angel I've met."
"It must have been difficult for you growing up," Monique said trying not to get emotional.
"It was at the begining, but then we moved here and I wasn't really an outsider, rather just a kid with crimson hair," he said smiling once more, " all the kids around here had something different than the others and we were all happy together. Well I guess I should get back to work. It was nice to chat for a little while, thank you." Calder hopped down the ladder and disapeared into the church to finish his chores.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 Mother Tanya

The two set out on a clear morning towards Morda the capital city of Fallador. They were only a few hours away so they took their time enjoying the surroundings. They reached the large city around midday and stopped at a diner just inside of town. "Grab you something to eat, I'm going to go up to the church down the street," Calder said handing a few coins to Cassandra. She entered the diner and ordered soup and a piece of bread from the woman standing behind the counter. She sat at a table by a window feeling the sunlight on her neck. She dropped the piece of bread into the soup, making a little splash, soaking it with juice like she had when she was younger. Some children at a near by table giggled and did the same.
Calder continued down the street passing many pleasant people giving them polite greetings as they passed. He had been in this city many years ago and just about everything he could remember was different except for the small church that was now in between two large buildings. He stood in front of the door for a moment as he imagined his life many years ago playing with his baby sister while he could before she had moved. The play area was small now compared to when he was a boy and had become old and decrepit. He entered the small church the doors heavy and creaky from age and set his things behind the first row and walked toward the front where a nun was praying with a man who looked like he had a rough night. The two finished and the man walked out with a joyful look on his face and a spring in his step.
"Good day sir," said the nun. "Hello sister is Mother Tanya here?" Calder asked bowing to the girl. "Yes she is wait one moment while I retrieve her," she said turning and heading through a door that lead to the back.
"Good afternoon," said Mother Tanya walking into the worship room holding an old book, "how have you been my son?" "I am in need of your assistance mother," Calder said, "can we speak in private?" "Yes, Sister Monique can you leave the room for a moment." "Yes Mother," Sister Monique said bowing to them both and exiting the room. "Now what is it that you need,?" Mother Tanya asked sitting next to Calder on a pew. "I have been having painful convulsions and I need your healing powers," Calder said secretively. "Ok I will see what i can do," she said smiling, "how long have you been having these convulsions?" "A few months now," Calder said standing up and turning away from her. She pressed her hands against his back and they started to glow. A warmth ran through her hands into his back and body making him feel warm and comfortable. After a minute or so she released her hands and Calder rolled his shoulders. "Your past and future are colliding and you will not get better until it is resolved," she said.
"Mommy!" Cassandra shouted barging into the church and running toward Mother Tanya throwing her arms around her. "Hi sweetheart!" Mother Tanya said spinning Cassandra around her in a circle, "would it be so hard to greet your mother that way Calder? I stay here worrying about you both with not so much as a letter from you."
"Sorry mom," Calder said shamefully staring at his feet thinking of an excuse but to no avail. "Dear, could I get your help with some repairs on the church," Tanya said grinning at Calder, "oh and I want you to meet my apprentice formally. She just got her wings a few weeks ago and she is still a bit clumsy." "Monique," Tanya chimed into the back room. "Yes Mother Tanya?" Monique responded. "Come here I want you to meet my children."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 The Battle

The boy awoke and had an estranged look on his face. He gripped his head and started to scream as his body took a new form.
"What is happening to him Erikson?" Calder shouted to the warewolf smirking on top of the roof.
"Can't you tell? He is becoming my own son, a warewolf," Erikson chuckled. "He is becoming my devout minion, who will obey my every command as is with all younglings and their masters." The Boy grew larger and harrier by the minute and soon he looked like a shorter version of Erikson himself. Young one will you show our friend your new power?" he said glancing at the young werewolf. It growled and lept toward Calder, fangs and claws barred. Calder blocked him with his broader sword, catching him on the blunt side of the sword and flinging him back so that he would not kill him.
"What's wrong too scared to fight me yourself?" Calder Shouted mockingly.
"What was that?! You overconfident little half-breed," Erikson snarled angrily. "Youngling take a break he is mine to finish!" He charged off the inn and was striking at Calder with his claw at ferocious speed narrowly missing, hitting Calder's sword instead, but knocking him back with his sheer force of the blow.
"I see that you are finely getting serious Erikson. This will be an interesting fight," Calder said sheathing his sword and calling out to Cassandra, "get me the sword Cassandra!" Cassandra returned into the dark room and the sword appeared from a vortex that Cassandra had summoned. She lept out of the room tossing the sword down to Calder, book in hand, and started reading an spellthat bound the young warewolf in bright, glowing chains. She pulled out a silver dagger from the side of her belt and read another spell that made it glow like the chains.
"I'm sorry," she said before thrusting the dagger into his arm making him yelp and howl worse than when he did when he first transformed. His sounds lessened as he reverted back into a young boy and finally died out as he fell asleep.
"My minion! Why have you done this?" Erikson cried turning to Cassandra who was laying the boy on ground.
"Hey your fight is with me Erikson so let's try not to get distracted or else i may kill you on the spot," Calder said unsheathing the sword. It had what looked like a zig-zag line all along the blunt side which seperated a light and dark side to the sword.
"Ooh that's a pretty sword, Calder, I guess I'll have to take it back to my master when your dead as a gift." Erikson charged again, but this time Calder was ready for him and dodged to the side and swung for Erikson's head who jumped back. Erikson landed twenty feet back and snarled at Calder who ran toward him sword ready to strike, Erikson ready to counter him raised his claws to crush his atempt, but before Calder got within swinging distance he lept over Erikson's head catching him off guard and slashed at his back making the large werewolf to yelp loudly. As Erikson stumbled foward trying to relive the pain on his back Calder sprinted forward to strike him again, but was blown sideways when the werewolf backhanded him tossing him into a fire pit that had been out for hours and was filled with only soot and ash. Erikson stumbled over to where Calder laid and grabbed him as he was getting up holding him by the front of his vest, and knocked his sword to the ground. "You are going to pay for injuring me, boy," Erikson growled rearing his claw to strike. Before Erikson could strike Calder swung his knee into Erikson's jaw making him bite his tounge and howl again in pain. Calder, rolling backward, picked up his sword and slashed at Erikson's sholder's and knees crippling him and finally thrusting his sword through the werewolf's chest who gasped and fell over. Calder stood up away from the beast and collapsed from the fight, victorious but injured.
Cassandra ran to him to see the extent of the damage done to Calder, a torn up shoulder and a few broken ribs. She cast her healing spell over him, helped him up and walked over to his sword and pulled it out of the monster and walked back to the inn. People started to appear at windows and doorways as they watched the victor walk away from the body. The next morning the werewolf was gone, injured and still bleeding. The towns people celebrated again as they did the night of Calder and Cassandra's arrival as they held a feast for the two heroes, the boy personally coming up to thank them for what they had done.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 Erikson the Werewolf

It was early morning when Calder and Cassandra woke up to leave. The bandit was still asleep and recovering from the ordeal. They packed up silently and left the bandit with a piece of meat next to him. They kept to the roads so that they would end up in the next town by nightfall. They heard two birds squaking and fighting in the air about midday when one crashed to the ground hurt and bleeding. The other one chased after it but was swatted by Cassandra. She picked up the small bird and started chanting a spell that healed and revived it. The bird awoke flew into the air happy and singing to its savior. Smiling, they continued on the long winding road casually talking, not seeing so much as a few birds and small mammals. It started to grow colder as night crept about them the town not far away, the sounds and lights of a town celebrating something pleasing to the two.It was the festival of the slaying of the werewolf, Artose.
The townspeople danced around a large bonfire with colorful garments and masks that resembled wolves and a hunter, Garan the Great. A play was to be held later that night, but Calder and Cassandra only wanted to eat and get some rest for leaving tomorrow. They stopped at an inn where Calder bought a room and their meal for the night handing the inn keeper some coins, who told a worker to take up some soup and bread to their room. They ate the hot soup happily and went to bed. It was near midnight when the two were awoken to the screams of townspeople and the smell of blood and something that reaked. A man was thrown through the window into the wall beside Cassandra's bed, who shrieked in terror.
"Oh my lord, what is happening outside!" she yelled jumping out of her bed to her bag and grabbing her book of spells. Calder had already jumped out the window when he came across the savage looking, blood covered beast.
"So you're the foul smelling beast that threw that poor man through the window," Calder glared drawing his sword. "What do you want with these people?"
"I'm not interested with these people young Calder," the beast smirked "it's you I'm after. They were just a pre-meal snack"
"How do you know my name?! What do you want with me?!" he shouted becoming concerned. "Who sent you?"
"So many questions, yet so little time to have fun," the beast said, "well I'm Erikson, I'm a werewolf, and I've been sent to find you." "It just so happens that I found you in a town the was celebrating the tragic death of my older brother to these stupid little villagers," he growled, "so I decided to have a little fun to intise you out of your comfy bed." Erikson picked up a small boy who was unconcious and bit his forearm and the set him back on the ground. "Ah to be young and so easily altered," he chuckled wiping the blood from his mouth.
"What did you do to that boy?" Calder shouted charging at Erikson who grabbed the boy and lept high into the air and landing on the inn.
"If you would be patient you'ld see my dear boy," Erikson said mocking Calder.